Crystal Falls' 5,000 acres present miles and miles of picturesque, natural settings. Incorporating natural stone and native plants to showcase the Texas Hill Country, the character of the land is represented throughout the community—inviting contemplation and exploration of exquisite views and unique vegetation. In developing Crystal Falls, we have taken every care and effort to present a wholly natural environment that truly reflects living in the country. Large serpentine swaths of land and watersheds have been preserved throughout Crystal Falls to ensure a natural experience for all to enjoy and to protect our viewscapes.

Wildlife move freely throughout the community and Homeowners are encouraged to co-exist. It’s not unusual to look out your front door and witness a doe and its fawn or wild turkey meandering through Crystal Falls' exceptional Hill Country surroundings.

Deed restrictions preserve the natural surroundings, fully embracing conservation and recycling. Limited light pollution restrictions ensure the Texas stars shine bright. Limestone and other rock extracted from the land and Crystal Falls' old quarry are creatively recycled in signage, bridges, landscaping and fencing to enhance the ambiance of many of our amenity areas. The goal is to represent the essence of the Hill Country with lasting beauty and function. In short, every effort is made at Crystal Falls to tread lightly on the land and provide our homeowners with the ultimate Hill Country living experience.

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